Alone In The Kitchen

Alone In The Kitchen

Alone In The Kitchen is a free flash cooking game
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Alone In The Kitchen is a free flash cooking game. This game will show you the list of ingredients that you must collect and put to the blender to prepare a given recipe. Then, it will hide the recipe, and you will have to remember which ingredients should be processed. When pointing the mouse over an ingredient, you will see its name. Clicking on it, and dragging it to the blender is enough to add it to the mix. Finally, when all the ingredients are present, you can turn on the blender. If the ingredients were the right ones, the program will let you score points, and then it will show you another recipe. When the time is over, your score will result from the number of successful recipes that you were able to blend. If you do not remember the ingredients of a given recipe, you can use up to three hints that will cause the program to show you the list of ingredients briefly. You will be able to submit your final score to the site, and you will then see the scores of the people that played today. In brief, Alone in the Kitchen is a funny free game.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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Downloading from Software Informer as the program is discontinued by the developer

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